S S. Fairfield, CA
"From start to finish A1 service! This is why I give my business to non dealer shops. I have another vehicle in another shop that might be showing up at Felix's soon. Well done guys!!! Thanks again!"
Sanjay S. San Jose, CA
"Felix is a great guy and Felix's auto is very professional. I had an issue with the electrical relating to some earlier work I had done at shoreline auto service ( which they refused to fix). Felix looked at it and immediately told me that a solenoid was busted. He replaced the solenoid ( just charged me for the solenoid) and I was back on my way. Great Job, shows how just being professional and not trying to milk your customers will always lead to more business ( and ultimately success)."
Audrey Z. San Jose, CA
"Slightly panicked because towing usually costs 100 + dollars, but they came over in ~10 mins in mountain view and jump started my car for only $40"
Chris P. San Jose, CA
"Noticed my last review here got cut off. Felix's is the best independent repair shop I've been to. Not only do they do great work, they go to bat for you when needed. Pete replaced a transmission in my Acura and I wasn't completely happy with the results, there was a odd squeal that could be heard when switching gears, however all diagnostics came back fine, both Pete and I suspected something could be up. A month or so goes by and I still hear the sound. Pete went to bat for me, got me a new transmission, I didn't have to do any paper work or any leg work, he also didn't charge me a cent for any re-work, which I'd expect but still you never know these days.  I recently bought a new car so I won't see Pete for a couple years, unless I'm in a bind with the dealership, but my daughter owns my old car and I told she needs to take it to Pete if she wants it to last long.  I'm so happy I found this shop."
Serena F. San Jose, CA
"This is an honest, high quality auto repair and maintenance shop. My Ford Expedition is out of the dealer service contract now. I brought it to Felix's because I want a small shop where they know my car. I got a thorough evaluation from Pete of all that my SUV needed and what was optional. We decided to go ahead with the optional new front suspension, and the car drives almost like new again at 65,000 miles with that and some other needed work! I trust Felix's and have recommended them to several people already. Superb customer service!"
Tess C. Sunnyvale, CA
"I've been taking my car to Felix's for the last 5+ years. Pete always goes above and beyond to make sure my issues are addressed and I get a ride home or to work.  The employees are taken care of and always in a cheerful mood."
Therese N. Mountain View, CA
"My 2008 Ford Focus' tire pressure light popped on and I promptly took it to Felix's Auto Service. Felix the technician gave me a ride home while my car was repaired. Pete the mechanic quickly diagnosed the problem, glass in the tire. He removed it and pumped my tire to the standard psi. I appreciated that Pete explained the repair process. Also, he told me to keep an eye on my tire. Pete graciously comped the tire procedure."
David W. Mountain View, CA
"I rarely yelp, but feel I need to. I left Felix's extremely satisfied. That's not to say things went perfectly smoothly (life's often not that way)...but we've used Peter at Felix's occasionally for years, and trust his judgement and that his recommendations are not to simply extract funds from us, but are given with our best interest in mind. This has been demonstrated to us multiple times. About a year ago, when my wife took my car in for something else (brakes, I think)...he saw how bad the tires were and said go get new tires. Yesterday, I took my car in to get front struts (dealer said they were done - and based on the vibrations at anything over 40mph, I believed them), and had called to discuss pricing before hand - and Peter was reluctant to give an exact quote - but I got the impression I could get economy struts for under $1K - Peter said they'd look around to verify what needed to be done - could be something smaller. Anyway, we needed struts, but he couldn't locate the economy ones - and it was a Friday - so it meant picking up the car and coming back unless I upgraded to $1200. I was not happy, but it wasn't really Peter's fault. I eventually agreed...and the job was done great, and Peter took care of an issue with the car that had been bugging me for years (center console would not latch, and would flop up and down - dealer said entire console would need to be replaced ~$300).  Peter fixed it for free (without replacing whole thing) - I'm sure he comped the job to keep me a happy customer...and he did. Thanks Peter for all your efforts!"
Sh M. Mountain View, CA
"I have never had any issues with my car, but when i did, I am so happy I took it it to Felix's. My Subaru was having trouble starting. I originally had AAA look at it, and they said the battery was fine. Then it began to develop additional problems like all of the dash warning lights coming on and flashing. I took it in to Felix's, and Pete was very helpful from the beginning. It ended up that several different parts were malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. Though it took longer to repair than originally expected,  Pete took the time to really look into the problem and diagnose it properly. He communicated with me daily to update me on the status. When he thought everything was fixed and working properly, he even kept the car an extra day to test it out and drive it around town to make sure it was starting properly. The problem has been completely resolved thanks to the work of Pete and his crew. Throughout the whole process, I found him to have excellent customer service. They do really quality work at this place. If I ever have any problems with my car again, I would definitely take it back here."
Shirley W. San Jose, CA
"I called in last minute to get my car battery replaced and they were able to see me next morning. Went in and met Pete who was friendly, honest, and great customer service. He could have replaced my battery right away but after running a quick test we found out my car battery life was still fine. He even helped me check out the stick that held the hood up because it was loose. Great service and I appreciated the genuine honesty. Its hard to find people who would have customer's best interest at mind!"
Jeff H. Sunnyvale, CA
"I'm really glad that I found Felix's. My vehicle is 15+ years old, and I've had a few issues with it, but Felix's has always been able to get me fixed up. Pete does a nice job of explaining your options, and lets you know what must be done, and what's "nice to have". When I take my car here, I feel confident that that high quality work is being done, and that the mechanics are treating my vehicle like they would treat their own. My only minor complaint is that sometimes I wish they were a little faster with repairs, but I don't mind too much since: (1) they are busy because they are good, and (2) I'd rather have them take a bit of time and do the job right than rush through it and screw things up. Your vehicle is is in good hands here."
Jacob S. Calabasas, CA
"I stopped by here once for an oil change, servicing, and to get my tires checked because I thought there might be a leak. The mechanic was very nice and explained to me what he was doing (I was curious and asked a couple questions). Overall very happy with the place."
Conrad R. San Jose, CA
"I needed to change out my tires and get an alignment done and fast. My car had been handling terribly. I took it to Pete and he advised me as to what tires I should change and also helped me confirm how off my alignment was by showing me the specs. He was affordable, quick and my car is driving straight and running like a champ. I'd recommend his services to anyone. He is a man of his word and I'll be coming back."
Sean C. Mountain View, CA
"Highly recommended. Honest, quick and very professional. The way I found them was when I was working for AAA I found out where the guy who evaluated auto repair shops got his own car fixed and this was it."
Robin A. Redwood City, CA
"It is so nice knowing I am being treated fairly. If the car was super nice, and I had lots of money, I would want the car maintained in the way it was meant to be, but I appreciate Pete asking if I want him to cut corners for a cheaper price. Yes, thank you! Quick, honest, and good. I don't need anything else!"