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Auto Repair Services

Is your car not running correctly? Felix's Auto Service, Inc. in Mountain View, CA is ready to help you, servicing all makes and models for an oil change, brake service, alignments and much more!

Services We Offer:

  • Air Conditioning & Heating

  • Brake Inspection & Repairs

  • Computer Engine Diagnostic

  • Cooling System Services

  • Electrical System Services

  • Emissions Service

  • Engine Repairs

  • Exhaust System Service

  • Oil, Lube & Filter Change

  • Radiator Repairs

  • Steering & Suspension Repairs

  • Timing Belts & Hoses

  • Transmission Repairs

  • Tune Ups

  • Wheel Alignment

Oil Change

Having your oil changed every 5,000 miles ensures your engine's longevity. Motor oil or engine oil is an oil used for lubrication of various internal combustion engines. The primary function is to lubricate moving parts; it also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.


You should have your brakes inspected once a year, or if they begin squealing, shuttering, binding, grabbing, or become mushy. You'll receive a quote for service on quality brake products to ensure your safety.

  • Drum Brake: A drum brake is a brake in which the friction is caused by a set of brake shoes that press against the inner surface of a rotating drum. The drum is connected to the rotating road wheel hub.

  • Disc Brake: The disc brake is a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a road wheel. A brake disc (or rotor), usually made of cast iron or ceramic, is connected to the wheel or the axle. To stop the wheel, friction material in the form of brake pads (mounted in a device called a brake caliper) is forced mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electromagnetically against both sides of the disc. Friction causes the disc and attached wheel to slow or stop.


How do you know if you need an alignment? When the tires are wearing unevenly, the car is pulling, or your steering wheel is not level in your hands. Front alignments optimize tire wear for better handling. Digital cameras ensure the most accurate straight line steering. Wheel alignment sometimes referred to as tracking, is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear, and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without 'pulling' to one side). Alignment angles can also be altered beyond the maker's specifications to obtain a specific handling characteristic. Motorsport and off-road applications may call for angles to be adjusted well beyond 'normal' for a variety of reasons.


For your safety, broken or missing components can lead to loss of control. Poor handling is often a sign of suspension issues. Worn suspension parts accelerate wear in both tires and brakes. We recommend an annual suspension check or every 15,000 miles. Suspension is the term given to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels. Suspension systems serve a dual purpose contributing to the vehicle's road holding/handling and braking for good active safety and driving pleasure, and keeping vehicle occupants comfortable and reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps, and vibrations, etc. These goals are generally at odds, so the tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. It is important for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible, because all the forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tires. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear. The design of front and rear suspension of a car may be different.

Check Engine Light

Check engine light on and don't know what to do? Bring your vehicle into Felix's Auto Service as soon as possible. Any problem can lead to poor engine performance, low gas mileage, or increased emissions.

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